Keith Urban Calls Girl Onstage On A Whim, But Is Amazed When She Belts Out An Incredible Surprise Performance.


14-year-old singer/songwriter Hailey Benedict has been eagerly awaiting her big break. Two days before seeing one of her favorite stars– country musician Keith Urban– in concert, Hailey posted avideo to her Facebook page with the following caption: “I’ll be heading to the new ROGERS PLACE stadium to see Keith perform on Friday! I’m beyond excited for this and would LOVE ...

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82-Yr-Old Attends College With Granddaughter To Finish Degree, Proves It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Dreams.


The year was 1950. Nene Reira was just a few classes away from completing his associate’s degree in economics, when starting a family took precedence over his education. Fast forward 66 years and the now 82-year-old is restarting his college career. But it’s not a solo venture. This time around Reira is attending college with his 18-year-old granddaughter Melanie Salazar. The ...

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Barcelona Youth Soccer Player Abruptly Stops Celebrating, Runs Over To Console Sobbing Opponent. Inspires World With Compassion.


The Junior Soccer World Challenge is basically a little kid’s version of the FIFA World Cup. Teams from around the world compete for the championship trophy… In other words, it’s a really big deal. And every player participating was born after January 1st, 2004, meaning each little athlete is under the age of 12! This year, the pre-teen players gathered ...

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Campus Cop Walked Into Office And Girl Started To Cry, But The Video She Showed Him Instantly Brought A Smile To His Face.


In a time where people seem less and less concerned with the welfare of others, moments where people genuinely care about their fellow humans shine that much brighter. The students from Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business did just that. They wanted to thank a security guard, Marcus Burns, who always went the extra mile to make their days better. The ...

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‘How To Approach An Angry 4 Yr Old’, A Mom’s Survival Guide.


Author and mother Joelle Wisler wrote a hilarious 10 step guide on ‘how to approach an angry four-year-old’. Wisler says she recently got into a disagreement with her guilty daughter about a yogurt she had eaten but was fibbing and said she never touched it. If you have a child or have spent any extended time around children, you know oh ...

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