Mom Plays Dress-Up While Baby Sleeps, Becomes Instagram Star Overnight.

joey-baby (1)

When photographer Laura Izumikawa Choi became a mom to an adorable baby daughter named Joey, she knew her photography skills would come in handy. But she had no idea that her daughter would be born with a special skill of her own… power napping. Mom’s creativity and photography skills combined perfectly with Joey’s napping skills, proving a recipe for Instagram ...

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New Research Proves Cats Are Holistic Healers


Cats aren’t just cute as heck and friendly companions. It turns out, cats can actually be good for you too. Sure, they bring us laughter in the form of funny behavior often caught on video, but do you know the health benefits of having a cat?

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How I Knew It Was Time To Leave Someone I Didn’t Want To


It’s easy to leave someone when they’ve driven to your house with all your stuff and ask to break up. It’s way harder though, to look them in the face and say you agree and believe it. All of my family and some of my friends will just be finding out that I broke up with my boyfriend as they ...

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This Map Shows the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip


The concept of a road trip is as American as apple pie, and yet, devising the “best” U.S. driving route is a bit of a head scratcher. Much depends on time parameters, personal preference, and frankly, how long you want to spend behind the wheel. Tracy Staedter at Discovery News decided to take on that challenge, enlisting Randy Olson—Michigan State University ...

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Astronomical Watch Gorgeously Depicts the Real-Time Orbits of Planets


Most watches can tell time, but how many keep track of the planetary orbits? Luxury watch maker Van Cleef & Arpels created the Midnight Planétarium timepiece, which does just that. The wristwear is encased in 18-carat gold and sports a variety of different semi-precious gems. As the watchmakers explain on their website, the company has “achieved its dream of reducing ...

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A Farm in Virginia is Recruiting Volunteers to Snuggle With its Baby Goats


Looking for the cutest volunteer gig ever? A farm in central Virginia is looking for people to come snuggle with its baby goats. Caromont Farm in Esmont, Virginia is home to more than 120 goats, which provide its owners with fresh and aged cheeses. In February, an additional 90 kids will be born, and farmers are recruiting locals to love, ...

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These Tea Bags Transform into Goldfish in Your Mug


There’s no shortage of adorable loose-leaf tea infusers on the market, but the shapes of actual tea bags can feel a little uninspired. This one from the Taipei-based creative agency Charm Villa is different—using some clever fabric work, it transforms into a convincing goldfish after splashing into your mug.  After 28 students from St. Johns University in Taipei perfected the design a ...

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This Man Saved 669 Children During the Holocaust And He Doesn’t Know They’re Sitting Next to Him


Sir Nicholas George Winton was a British humanitarian and the man who organized the rescue of 669 children, from Czechoslovakia, and most of them were Jewish. This incredible man did that on the eve of the Second World War, in an operation that later was named Czech Kindertransport (German for “children transportation”). Sir Winton provided safe homes for these children and also arranged for ...

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