90% of Successful People Use This to Create Their Dream Life! How about you?


It`s been said that Visualization is the great secret of success! Every time you hear a story of success understand that behind it is always someone who had a big dream and the will to believe in that idea, picture or vision. Vision boards became very popular since the release of the Movie The Secret where John Assaraf showed everyone how his vision board became a reality.

To become more scientific it is said that any idea which is held in your conscious mind and repeated with emotion will become impressed in your subconscious mind and in time manifest itself in it`s physical equivalent.


Here is where vision boards can be a very fun way for you to form the mental images of the goals you want to achieve in your life.


So are you on board to create your Vision Board? 

Here are the steps:


1.Determine the Format of Your Vision Board.

Vision boards don’t always have to be a physical board; it might be your computer’s screensaver, background on your phone or pages in your planner. Observe your actions throughout the day and determine the best place for this board to be in your view frequently.

Your Vision Board can be a physical one or it can be digital. Nowadays, digital vision boards are very popular but we know that some of you prefer the good ol` fashion wood and paper ones.

There are many softwares that can be very useful in creating your vision board, some of them can be found free online… just google them. Photoshop or Powerpoint are usually good and simple softwares to help you create them

Here are some formats you should have in mind:

– A wallpaper or poster

– An inspiration wall

– A computer screensaver or desktop cover

– A screensaver on your phone

2.Decide what you want

Your Vision Board usually reflects the lifestyle you wish to experience in your life. When you`re creating your goals have in mind these following areas: Health and Wellness, Relationships, Finances, Business, Spiritiality, Lifestyle, Charity, Cars, Houses, Places to Travel. Another idea for a vision board is to choose only one area of life and expand on that!


3.Choose vivid pictures and images

Sky is the limit when it comes to finding images with anything you desire! Praise Google!

Try to take the necessary time and find the right pictures which really cause you to feel good! Connecting with your vision board on an emotional level is the most important thing!

Make sure that you include pictures of yourself and your loved ones in your vision boards, some of us even crop their faces onto pictures with their desired body or driving their dream car and so on! This makes the process more fun and vivid!

Collect as many pictures as possible, you will probably let go of a few when you start fine tuning your board.


4.Layout and arrangements

Create a structure for your board, you can draw some guide lines on it which will represent where the pictures will go.

It`s always a good idea to put the most important pictures and goals in the middle and leave the secondary ones to the side.

Quotes, affirmations or writing down your goals below the picture is always recommended and gives more power to the visualization process.

Try to personalize it as much as possible with your name, personal pictures, affirmations and phrases in the present tense.


5.Display it

Vision boards are not “set and forget” so make sure you display your vision board in a place where you can review it often. We recommend you use it in as many places as possible (on your computer, on your phone, a physical one in your room and bathroom, on your office.

6.Relax – Visualize – Manifest

Vision boards work best when you are in a relaxed, cheerful state! Your subconscious mind must be receptive to your new dreams and goals so make sure that you feel the emotion of already having what`s on your vision board.

Make it a daily ritual to use your vision board! Review it in the morning and review it before you retire to bed at night, these are two time frames when your subconscious mind is very receptive! Have fun with it and let the Universe reward you with it`s abundance, health and well-being!

Have fun Creating!

How To Make Your Own Vision Board