She Started Applying Coconut Oil Around Her Eyes. 5 Minutes Later… UNBELIEVABLE!!!


Coconut oil is classified as a “superfood”, as it brings various health benefits, such as weight loss, better brain function and many contributions to skin health. Start using coconut oil for your beauty and you will be happier than ever! Here are some of the good things that will happen to your skin:

  1. Refreshes you skin during sleep

Coconut oil works great to eliminate the dark circles under your eyes because it acts as anti-inflammatory agent, which in turn reduces swelling and redness. The lactic acid in coconut oil tightens the pores, making the skin firm and smooth. Coconut oil also work to moisturize the skin and thus prevents wrinkles and dryness. Being rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it might heal and repair damaged skin cells. The vitamins and fatty acids from coconut oil are essential for the growth of healthy skin cells. All you have to do is to apply some coconut oil on your dark circles and gently massaging it for a couple of minutes. Let it work overnight and rinse it off in the morning.

2. Repairs damaged eyelashes

If you wear eye makeup, it is possible to experience broken lashes. To treat them apply a bit of coconut oil onto your lashes every night before going to bed.

3. Natural shaving cream

Avoid exposure to shaving creams that contain chemicals using coconut oil. It is natural, cheap, and it leaves your legs or underarms well hydrated.

4. Softens your hands

Your hands will become smoother and softer if you start using coconut oil instead of conventionally bought hand creams.

5. Takes care of your cuticles

You can also massage coconut oil in dry cuticles to make them softer.

6. Treatment for varicose veins

According to scientists, coconut oil is extremely effective solution to the issue with varicose veins. All you have to do is to massage the affected area with coconut oil on a regular basis.

7. Get rid of cellulite

Coconut oil proved to be efficient in removing cellulite. Prepare a mixture from some coconut oil with honey and apply it onto the skin before bedtime. Follow the treatment for a couple of weeks and the cellulite will go away.