The Image You See First Determines Which Primary Personality Factor Is Strongest In You


Most of use to struggle every day to reveal a better version of ourselves. When you strive to grow into a better people than we were yesterday it is very important to learn more about your personality and how we interact with the world around us.

Which Primary Personality Factor Is Dominant In Your Case?

There is a debate among psychologists about which has a heavier influence on our personalities: nature or nurture? In other words the question is if we become the individuals we are due to genetics or due to the environments we grow up in. According to Dr. Hans Eysenck, we can measure different types of personalities based on three main factors: extraversion/introversion, neuroticism/stability, and psychoticism/superego. Each one of these primary personality factors have strong genetic ties, as he believed that genetics played the larger role in determining who we are:

  • If your dominant personality factor is extraversion, you’re likely to be sociable, impulsive and full of life.
  • If your dominant personality factor is neuroticism, you’re likely anxious and have obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
  • If your dominant personality factor is psychoticism, you’re probably very egocentric, aggressive, hostile and antisocial.

We all have different combinations of these three personality factors. But the combination that is dominant to us highly influences our behaviors and determine our personality traits.

Maybe you think you already know which specific personality factor you are, but you may have some surprises! The following test uses images to determine which dominant personality factor most highly influences your personality. Perform the test and see if you know everything about your personality!