Flowers bloom across California! Wildflowers made their appearance after a “nap” that lasted for years


Rain-fed wildflowers have been blooming from California’s desert sands after a “nap” that lasted for years — producing an incredible flower spring portrait unofficially called a “super bloom” that has drawn record crowds and traffic jams to tiny towns like Borrego Springs.

An estimated 150,000 people in the past month have converged on this town of about 3,500 in the desert about 85 miles (135 kilometers) northeast of San Diego just to see this incredible blooming phenomenon.

Wildflowers are springing up across California thanks to a wet winter. But a “super bloom” is a term referring to a mass amount of desert flowers blooming at one time. In California, that occurs maybe once in a decade in any given area.

The natural show in the desert outside Borrego Springs is expected to roll along through May, with different species of flowers blooming at different elevations and in different areas.

wildflowers bloom