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51 Years Ago He Received The Nobel Peace Prize! Here`s how he changed your world…

51 Years Ago One of the Greats who Changed Our World Received The Nobel Peace Prize. Here`s how he changed the world…

African American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice in America. At 35 years of age, the Georgia-born minister was the youngest person ever to receive the award.

Martin Luther King, Jr., was born in Atlanta in 1929, the son of a Baptist minister. He received a doctorate degree in theology and in 1955 organized the first major protest of the civil rights movement: the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott. Influenced by Mohandas Gandhi, he advocated nonviolent civil disobedience to racial segregation. The peaceful protests he led throughout the American South were often met with violence, but King and his followers persisted, and their nonviolent movement gained momentum.

A powerful orator, he appealed to Christian and American ideals and won growing support from the federal government and northern whites. In 1963, he led his massive March on Washington, in which he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” address. In 1964, the civil rights movement achieved two of its greatest successes: the ratification of the 24th Amendment, which abolished the poll tax, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited racial discrimination in employment and education and outlawed racial segregation in public facilities. In October of that year, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He donated the prize money, valued at $54,600, to the civil rights movement.

In the late 1960s, King openly criticized U.S. involvement in Vietnam and turned his efforts to winning economic rights for poor Americans. By that time, the civil rights movement had begun to fracture, with activists such as Stokely Carmichael rejecting King’s vision of nonviolent integration in favor of African American self-reliance and self-defense. In 1968, King intended to revive his movement through an interracial “Poor People’s March” on Washington, but on April 4 he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, by escaped white convict James Earl Ray, just a few weeks before the demonstration was scheduled to begin.


Ten discoveries which no one can explain

The history of the world is full of surprising mysteries. None of us will live long enough to see them all solved. But it’s always interesting to have a look at some of the truly bizarre things which lie beneath the surface.

1. Moa Birds

Moa birds were flightless birds that used to inhabit New Zealand, which became extinct around the year 1500. They were killed off, according to one theory, by the Māori people. During an expedition in the twentieth century, scientists stumbled across a very large claw from one of the birds which had somehow been incredibly well preserved for centuries.

2. The Temple Complex of Saksaywaman, Peru

The perfect stonework of this ancient temple complex, which was completed without the use of a single drop of mortar, is truly amazing. In some cases, it’s impossible to pass even a piece of paper between the stones. Every block, moreover, has a smooth surface and rounded corners. How was it constructed? No one knows.

3. Gate of the Sun, Bolivia

The Gate of the Sun can be found in Tiwanaku — an ancient and mysterious city in Bolivia. Some archaeologists believe that it was the centre of a huge empire during the first millenium AD. No one has any idea what the carvings on the Gate are meant to mean. Possibly, they have some astrological or astronomical significance.

4. The Longyou Caves, China

These caves were gouged out of sandstone by human hands. Such difficult work would have required the participation of thousands of people. Yet there is no mention of these caves, or the methods used to construct them, anywhere in historical records.

5. The Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt

This obelisk initially began to be carved straight out of a rock face, but it appears that it began to crack. It was left in this condition, unfinished. Its size is simply staggering!

6. The Underwater City of Yonaguni, Japan

This ancient complex was discovered by chance by diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake. The underwater city has confounded all scientific theories. The rock from which it is carved was submerged underwater about 10,000 years ago — long before even the Egyptian pyramids were erected. Some archaeologists believe that during this primitive era, people still huddled in caves and lived off edible roots rather than hunted; they certainly couldn’t erect stone cities.

7. Mohenjo-daro (’The Mound of the Dead’), Pakistan

The secret of this city’s downfall has perplexed experts for decades. In 1922, the Indian archaeologist R. D. Banerji discovered ancient ruins on one of the islands in the Indus River. Questions arose: how was this great city destroyed? What happened to its inhabitants? Numerous excavations have not offered any answers.

8. L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada

This archaeological site in Canada was once a settlement founded by the Vikings about a thousand years ago. The fact that it exists indicates that the Scandinavian seafarers reached North America long before the birth of Christopher Columbus.

9. Stone-Age Tunnels

The discovery of an extensive network of underground tunnels, which stretch across all of Europe from Scotland to Turkey, shows that stone-age communities were not simply hunter-gatherers. But the real purposes of the tunnels is still a mystery. Some researchers believe they were used as protection against predators, whilst others believe they provided a way to travel around in safety, protected from the rigours of the weather and various conflicts.

10. The giant stone spheres of Costa Rica

These mysterious stone formations are intriguing not only for their perfectly spherical shape, but also on account of their unknown origins and purpose. They were discovered in the 1930s by workers clearing the jungle from a banana plantation. Local legends suggested that the mysterious spheres contained hidden gold, but they turned out to be empty.


6 Awesome Morning Hacks to Boost Your Energy and Metabolism

THIS is a morning routine worth considering! We’ve pulled together our best tips and morning rituals to have you boosting your metabolism and keeping it in gear all day long. One thing to note – start introducing these things gradually so as to best observe the difference each makes. If you change everything all at once, you won’t be as clear on what is doing what.

1. Bouncing For Five Minutes

Ahh, I remember when I was a kid and just wanted to bounce on anything. Sofas, Mom and Dad’s bed (got in big trouble!), bouncy castles, trampolines (more dangerous than they look!)… anything that could be bounced on was fair game. It’s fair to ay that we pretty much craved bouncing.

Why is it that kids want to bounce? Well it turns out that they aren’t so crazy after all and this instinct might actually be spot on – because bouncing has amazing health benefits. First, the exercise gets circulation and heart rate going. But perhaps even more importantly, it helps the lymphatic system immensely. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump in the same way that the circulatory system has the heart – and so it relies on movement to circulate its fluid. Bouncing is also reported to assist the thyroid and burn off calories.

Ways to bounce – you can either put some music on and bounce to it, jump with a skipping rope, use one of those mini-trampolines (aka rebounders) that are designed specifically for this form of exercise… or what about some of these amazing low-impact jumping boots?

2. Lemon water

Now highly regarded as a peerless health remedy, this is one awesome habit to incorporate into your morning routine. Simply take a fresh, organic lemon, cut off a chunk (about a quarter of the lemon will be great) and squeeze it into your water.

Many people use warm water. You could also use sparkling water. I’d suggest filtered water rather than bottled or tap – and one of these state of the art carbon block filters is a worthwhile investment. You can also add raw honey, ginger and/or cinnamon (must be real cinnamon not fake!) for extra health benefits.

Note – lemon tea or those bottled lemon juices that people keep in the kitchen as a substitute for the real thing – these will almost certainly not have the same health benefits. Get the real thing.

3. Two Eggs, Any Style

Eggs contain a good amount of protein that can keep you going for a good time and get your metabolism up. They are one of the top breakfast choices for a good reason. Note – don’t get rid of the yolk, this is the most nutritious part.

Consider using coconut oil to cook them in; also you can add spinach, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and more to your scramble.

4. Stretching

Whether it’s yoga or another discipline, a good routine of stretching, combined with deep breathing, can be the perfect way to get your metabolism going first thing in the day. Early morning is considered to be the optimum time for deep breathing. Air pollution is lower and the refreshing pranaor vital force in the air is regarded to be at its highest point at dawn.

5. Green Tea

Green tea, brewed plain with no creamer or sweeteners, is one of the most perfect drinks for a healthy lifestyle. It provides a boost to the metabolism which is “smoother” than that of coffee and doesn’t have the same crash. Also, it doesn’t have the calories of typical caffeinated beverages (nor the artificial additives) – so the metabolic increase will help you burn calories! Just switching out sweetened beverages for green tea can have a profound effect for slimming. You can add lemon for taste.

6. Lifting Weights Or Bodyweight Training

Muscle-building exercise is a perfect way to fire up your metabolism – and as it turns out, the morning is considered one of the best times to lift. Lifting kicks the body into fat-burning mode as opposed to fat-storing mode. Another option is to use bodyweight training exercises such as the “big six” calisthenic exercises – push ups, straight leg raises, pull ups, bridges, handstands, squats.

source: http://www.herbs-info.com/blog/6-superb-morning-rituals-to-improve-metabolism/


3 Things You Probably Aren`t Being Told About The Law of Attraction!

“There are only two kinds of people. Those who believe that they are a victim of the world and those who understand that they are the world.” – Alan Watts

Most people are unaware of how powerful they truly are and even if they’re aware of the concept, they haven’t a clue on where to start or how to create the life they deserve. Too often we get stuck in repetitive thinking patterns. A cycle of negativity that has been wired into our brains; manifesting the idea that everything in the world is happening to us, rather than creating a world where everything happens for us.

3 Reasons the Law of Attraction Isn't Working For YouTake miracles for example. It is easy to believe that when a miraculous or unexplained event occurs, that it is nothing more than a random act. This, because we are wired to respond to the external. Giving our power away, we react to an event as an external happening rather than taking responsibility for our own creative manifestation.

In a study conducted by Richard Davidson, a world-renowned Neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin. His research found that our thoughts consistently have a direct impact on our every day situations, as we manifest the ideas we choose to visualize and hold our attention upon. Affirming the long known spiritual philosophy, that we are perpetual participants and co-creators, of our own everyday reality.

Davidson collaborated with Tibet’s Dalai Lama, who provided eight buddhist monks (some of his most accomplished meditators) to take part in EEG and fMRI brain scanning.

Throughout the testing, each monk was asked to concentrate on a specific subject such as compassion, joy or happiness. The results, were more than the scientists could ever imagine; confirming, that depending upon where you focus your attention, you will physically change the existence, the direction and the behaviour of the subatomic particles in our brain.

3 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Isn't Working For YouThe EEG’s recorded extremely powerful gamma wavesin the frontal lobe (the prefrontal cortex) proving without a shadow of a doubt that our thoughts create our reality.

The monks in the study were highly accomplished with a staggering 40,000 hours of focused meditation, concentrating on single-minded thought. These monks had been meditating for 40 years. Each had mastered what has been dubbed as the art of observation or what science refers to simply as paying attention!

Why is this so important?

You see, the average human being loses their attention span 6-10 times per minute and when we are lacking the skills of concentration, sub atomic particles don’t pay attention to our minds.

So essentially, the longer your attention span and focus, the more you increase your manifestation ability. All in all, in order to make the law of attraction work for us, we need to understand how our mind and body relate to each other and what exactly it is we need to do, so our thoughts can become the reality we choose.

1. Start Making New Connections

We make new connections in our brains by knowledge gained through information, philosophy, and study. Each time we engage in learning, we create a new neurological connection. The memory sustains the connection and by repetition the neurons maintain the science of awakeningthe relationship.

The law of attraction then works this same way. If everyday, for two weeks, you spent two hours in meditation focusing on a single-minded thought such as, the best version of yourself or the happiest you could imagine yourself to be, you would then train your brain and wire it into memory.

By rehearsing this ultimate version of yourself, the brain will then register these thoughts and the frontal lobe will capture it, logging it into your memory bank thereby projecting the person you are to become in the future.

2. Rewire Your Brain

At every moment the five senses are picking up information and sending a rush of data back to the brain through the five pathways. The neurons in the brain then fire up the neurotransmitters, which give us emotions and feelings based on these five pathways of information.

It is proven that every time you have a thought either positive or negative, you make a chemical and create a chemical reaction within the body. Because feelings and emotions are the end of product of any experience, real or imagined; when we aren’t experiencing any new thought, we continue to feel the same way.

The longer we hold on to a thought, the more we maintain the probability of its future manifestation whether it be negative or positive. If we are holding on to negative thought forms we can break these thought forms by introducing new and positive thoughts that will change the chemistry in the body. Yet, alike to any addiction, the body doesn’t like the offset and lack of the chemical and sends a signal to the brain. This, being why it is so hard to break negative thought patterns and we continue to live based on past addictions.

So it is through our own thinking, that we can change the chemistry in our bodies allowing us to break these emotional addictions and free ourselves from repeating the same negative cycles.

3. Ensure Your Body is Serving Your Mind

We exist in a society where the mind is the servant to the body causing us live out our own genetic destiny where nothing new galaxywill ever happen.

To manifest our own reality we need to remove our automatic programming and rewire so that our bodies become servants to our minds and not the latter.

For example, when you are feeling insecure you start to think the way you are feeling. Then, you begin to feel the way you think and feeling becomes the means of thinking. When this occurs, the mind becomes immersed in the body and you begin thinking as a body and not as a mind; it becomes your state of being.

In this situation you can’t think of anything other than the way you feel and if you are feeling bad, you are thinking bad. When we can break this loop of thinking and feeling, we can then start thinking as a mind, becoming a conscious being and elevate ourselves into becoming the creators of our own life.

In conclusion, when you change your thoughts you WILL change your life.



How to Rewire Your Brain and Experience a New Reality


Man gives up Sugar and Alcohol for a month! Behold….

We live in a world where added sugar seems to exist in almost everything we eat. We also live in a world where the consumption of alcohol is not only common, but widely celebrated.

With that being the case, for most of us it’s hard to imagine going even a single day without consuming at least one of these two addictive items. What if we were asked to go without them for an entire month?

That’s the challenge that Sacha Harland of LifeHunters.tv embarked upon in hopes of determining how much of an effect this dietary change would have on his physical and mental well-being. To help quantify these differences, Sacha visited a local sports physician both before and after the experiment to get his reading on several key measures of wellness, including, but not limited to: weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

What Sacha didn’t anticipate was how difficult this change would be, and how much determination he would need to make it possible. Check out his incredible journey through the following video:

Aside from the substantial improvements in these several measures of physical wellness, what particularly stood out for me from Sacha’s experience was the change in his craving level. What started out as a major form of withdrawal, punctuated by a consistent feeling of hunger, slowly transitioned into a lack of desire for the sugary foods he was once used to consuming.

His ability to reach this state reminds us that there is no change we cannot make, we just need the mental fortitude to break through what has become habitual.

While the changes may seem impossible at first, persisting through them allows us to once again make these foods into what I believe they are best consumed as: an occasional treat. While our bodies are more than likely much better off not consuming them altogether, you can’t help but believe they are better capable of handling them in moderation.

To better explain the impact that sugar has on our bodies, I encourage you all to check out this article, based upon an infographic, that illustrates what exactly happens to our body after we consume it.

Sugar Is Everywhere

While many of us, myself included, may have the desire and intention to minimize our added sugar intake, the biggest challenge — as Sacha himself experienced — is that it is everywhere. From processed foods, to drinks, to even condiments, everything seems to be made more flavourful through added sugar, and in most cases in very large quantities.

(One thing that is important to clarify is that added sugar does not include fruits, which can often be quite high in sugar content. Unlike refined sugars, fruits contain within them the dietary fiber necessary to properly digest their sugar, and therefore do not have the same effect on your body.)

While the battle against added sugar in so much of what we have available to us may seem like an uphill battle, the more of us who shift our consumption away from it, the more the market is pressured to shift along with us, ultimately making their avoidance easier in the long run.

And the easiest way to avoid added sugars? Prepare your meals at home using whole foods ingredients. Doing so will soon become just as habitual as your old ways of eating, but significantly more rewarding. Your body, your tastebuds, and your wallet will thank you!


Let Sacha’s commitment and experience inspire you to make a shift in your own life. Even if your change starts with something as simple as a single day per week it can still make a difference.

If you do try it out, be sure to observe how your body feels at all times to see whether or not it has an impact on you. And if it does, noticing the difference may be all the inspiration you need to make the change that much more drastic.

Also, sugar and food addiction is one of the leading challenges in weight loss. You can check out this free webinar here for more information on the topic and how you can kick the addiction!



Want to Avoid Pain, Dentists and Flouride? Here`s How to Heal Cavities Naturally!

Each year millions of people around the globe suffer from painful cavities and other dental issues. As a matter of fact, the NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research) has conducted a study which reveals that nearly 26% of all adults from the ages of 20 to 64 have untreated tooth decay that can later get much worse.

Of course, many people’s first thought when they notice a cavity forming is that they have to get to the dentist as soon as possible, but that’s actually not true. Here are 3 simple ways to naturally heal cavities without having to make an appointment with a dentist.
Avoid refined sugars: Foods that contain refined sugar are more likely to create plaque.
Drink green and black tea: Teas reduce plaque build-up and help suppress bacteria levels in the mouth.
Brush before breakfast: Bacteria likes to build up in your mouth overnight, so brushing first thing in the morning can help get rid of sticky plaque. Particularly if you drink orange juice or other acidic beverages in the morning, brushing before eating can better protect your teeth. Acidic foods weaken enamel for at least an hour after consumption, so brushing within an hour after eating or drinking acidic foods can actually weaken enamel and cause permanent damage.
Eat tooth-healthy foods: Cheese, nuts, and apples can help break up the plaque that adheres to your teeth. High fiber foods can also help increase the production of saliva in your mouth, which serves as a natural protector for teeth.
Chew sugar-free gum: It also stimulates the production of saliva—good for your teeth. It also helps cleanse the teeth of leftover food particles after a meal.
Get more xylitol: It’s a natural sweetener that prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Choose gum with xylitol or add the sweetener to some food items and/or your toothpaste or mouthwash.
Snack on organic licorice twists: Certain compounds in licorice have been found in studies to hep kill the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. It can also help prevent oral infections.
Sip carbonated drinks with a straw: Even if you choose sparkling water, carbonated drinks can still weaken enamel. A 2007 study, for example, found that flavored sparkling waters, even when sugar-free, are potentially erosive because of their acidic properties. Sipping with a straw helps keep the acid away from your teeth.
Drink more water: Water not only helps clean away bacteria, but is important for the production of saliva.
Rinse with tea tree oil: This natural oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties. Dilute in water and rinse once or twice a day.
Nutrition: Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins A, D, E, and K in your diet, as well as enough calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other key minerals.


THIS One Easy Trick Can Get Rid Of All Those Annoying and Gross Blackheads Instantly!

Blackheads are gross and a pain in the butt to remove. Most people turn to pore cleaning strips that supposedly work to help pull them out. In reality, all that the pricey strips seem to do is dry out the fragile skin on the nose and irritate it further, plus they can be quite painful to remove. Instead of wasting more money looking for a solution to this age old beauty problem, try out this 100% natural method. All that it requires is lemon, salt, and warm water. It’s much more effective than anything else at removing blackheads and it’s incredibly cheap and easy to do.

In a small bowl mix together 1 tablespoon of sea salt, ½ a teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon of water. Apply the mixture to your face, paying special attention to where any blackheads are located or where they tend to pop up. Begin to gently massage the mixture into your skin using your finger tips. Work in a circular motion, as if you are buffing a car, and focus on areas with blackhead. Keep massaging the mixture around on your face for at least 2-4 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Wait a few minutes and then wash your face a second time using cold water. This will help to close pores and thus keep oil, dirt, and grime from building up and clogging them.

If you’re wondering how this simple scrub works, here is a breakdown. Salt is a natural antibacterial agent and helps to unclog pores by fighting against, and ridding it of, germs. Lemon juice contains citric acid which also helps to fight germs and bacteria and thus clean skin. The citric acid also brightens your skin, in a similar fashion to how a chemical peel works at brightening it, by burning the topmost layer off. While that sounds quite harsh, it really is not as bad as you may be thinking. The citric acid is simply dissolving away the dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other pollutants that are clogging and blocking your pores. The result is that your skin is left glowing, refreshed, and visibly healthier.

If you want, you can also spread the lemon-salt scrub over the rest of your face. It’s gentle and safe for practically all skin types and it works incredibly well to exfoliate and polish it. However, limit your use of this scrub to only 1 or 2 times a week and avoid sunlight when applying it because lemon juice attracts harmful sun rays that can potentially burn your skin. What are you waiting for? Grab a lemon and some salt and try it out for yourself!

Source: at http://www.sun-gazing.com/this-one-easy-trick-can-get-rid-of-all-those-annoying-and-gross-blackheads-instantly/#QH36qaYASXGc75L6.99


8 Tips to Make Your Relationship Feel Like it Did in the Beginning

The beginning of a relationship is all butterflies and daisies. It feels like a fairytale that you want to never end. But soon, those butterflies fly back down to earth, and the daises aren’t blooming as big as they used to. This fairytale story isn’t what it used to be. I’m not saying it’s a book of horrors, but it could use a little fairy dust. Most relationships go through this. You lose sight of those fireworks and don’t know how to get that intense spark back.

Here are some tips to make your relationship feel like it did in the beginning.


In the beginning of a new relationship, it’s all about being spontaneous. As your relationship goes on, so does your routine. Routines are great, but you two need to spice up the spontaneity. Don’t you remember when you both used to go out on a work night, just because? Or when you decided to drive to Las Vegas that one weekend last minute? These are the nights you’ll never forget. Make more of those moments.


Don’t you remember when you first starting dating and you two would just make out for hours on the couch? It was like you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other, or your lips. As the relationship grows, unfortunately, the making out starts to fade. Well, I say, bring on those kisses again! Start acting like you two are teenagers and get to kissin’.


An excellent way to rekindle your relationship is to reminiscence about when you two first met. Talking about the moment you first saw each other can bring back those old butterflies. Go on your very first date again and laugh about those silly awkward (but cute) moments you once had. Bring up your first kiss and how you knew he was the one when he just went for it.

Date Differently

Your once-romantic dinners turned into TV dinners while watching the news. Um, no, thank you. Turn this around. Start planning out actual date nights with each other. Switch off planning the dates to make it fun. Go on dates you both have never been on. Try a new kind of food together. Travel to a different city. Date differently.

Spice Up the Bedroom

Spicing it up shouldn’t just be meant for the kitchen. You also need to spice it up in the bedroom. If you and your partner’s sex life has become one note, you’re going to need to add in some flavor. Think back to how you two got down in the beginning and do those moves again. Let that wild side of you show again. Try out new moves, or even new places. Who knows where this can take you.


In the beginning of your relationship, holding hands was the name of the game. You two were the cuddle masters and no one could dethrone you. How quickly things can change. Pick up those hands and start holding on to each other. Even hugging one another can make you feel more connected than you ever imagined. So in order to not lose touch with each other, start touching more often.


In the first months of dating, you both used your words to express how you feel. After you know you have your relationship on lockdown, these words start to lessen. Those sweet loving texts aren’t being sent as much and those compliments aren’t being told as much. But you can’t lie, you miss those “You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen” texts or those love notes left on each other’s cars. Start speaking up again. Tell your loved one how much you love him or her.

Sleep Together

Getting enough sleep in life is important. So is getting enough sleep with your partner. When a relationship starts, you two usually go to sleep together. But as months pass, you might be putting your relationship on snooze. One of you usually ends up on the couch watching TV, while the other decides to hit the hay alone. This creates less intimacy and is the opposite of rekindling your relationship. Start making a conscious effort to go to sleep together. A happy bed makes a happy couple.

Written by Sara Altschule

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/48827-8-tips-to-make-your-relationship-feel-like-it-did-in-the-beginning


Hacking the Minds and Habits of Geniuses and Successful People! Here`s what you can learn..

When asked if they would rather be smart or dumb, surely everyone would answer smart! If you’re looking to improve your mental capabilities you can start by following in the footsteps of some of the smartest people in the world.

If you’re looking to improve your success at home, school, or work, you can start by working the positive habits of smart people into your daily routine.

Remember, while extreme intelligence has some negative associations, exhibiting these traits won’t make you smarter!




How to Control Your Dreams… Tips to Sleep and Feel Better During the Night!

Learning exactly how to control your dreams is a crucial part of lucid dreaming. It is not enough to merely recognize when you are dreaming – you must learn the laws of the dream world! This is the really fun part…

You can learn how to do anything in your virtual reality dream world by using certain techniques and playing with what works best for you. So, without further delay, let’s look at some of the most popular lucid dream themes.