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The chakras: Signs that your relationships or health are suffering because of blocked chakras

Chakra literally means a wheel. When your chakras are not aligned or blocked, your physical and emotional health suffers. Here are mental and physical symptoms of a blockage.

As you are busy going about your day analyzing, thinking, and worrying your way through the endless tasks, your body gets attuned to a different rhythm. Your physical body is a storehouse of energy (prana or life energy) and chakras are the energy centers of your being. These centers generate physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to keep you going.

Chakras are the energy centers of your being (Pixabay)
Chakras are the energy centers of your being (Pixabay)

There are many research institutes that are studying the human energy system. They aim to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom of the east with modern findings that explain truths in scientific terms.

The human energy system (Pixabay)
The human energy system (Pixabay)

Apart from research units in universities, private organizations focus on understanding chakras. For example, the International Association for Religion and Parapsychology.

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers or portals in the human energy field. They are spots along the spine of the human body,  located at distinct locations from the head to the base of the spine. Being portals of energy, they are considered to be live, activated centers that whirl like a wheel, either generating energy or draining out energy (when blocked).

There are two ways for life energy to flow in the system.

– It flows up and down along the spine connecting the chakras to each other.

– It flows horizontally taking in and giving out energy from and to the cosmos.

Chakras are energy centers or portals (Pixabay)
Chakras are energy centers or portals (Pixabay)

The seven chakras

* Crown Chakra – top of the head, represented by a white light

* Third Eye Chakra – between the eyebrows, represented by a violet light

* Throat Chakra – at the base of the throat, represented by a blue light

* Heart Chakra – at the center of the chest – represented by a green light

* Solar Plexus Chakra – at the abdomen, represented by a yellow light

* Sacral Chakra – at the reproductive organs, represented by an orange light

* Root Chakra – at the base of the spine, represented by a red light

When these chakras as in harmony and flowing naturally, you feel a sense of wellbeing. You feel energetic, strong, relaxed, and grounded. When one or more of the chakras are blocked, you still function, but it feels like you are dragging yourself through the day, barely managing to survive.

Each chakra has a function (Pixabay)
Each chakra has a function (Pixabay)

Here are general symptoms when your chakras are not aligned or blocked

Insomnia or difficulty falling asleep

Difficulty in staying focused or concentrating

Feeling vulnerable emotionally and spiritually

Low physical immunity and tolerance to pain

Inability to express oneself

Lack of drive or motivation

Feeling cut off from others

A sense of void at the middle of the chest

Inability to set and meet goals

Trouble in relationships

Symptoms of misaligned chakras (Pixabay)
Symptoms of misaligned chakras (Pixabay)

Here is how you can identify a block in a specific chakra:

1. Crown Chakra

This chakra is located on the seat of the head and is called the thousand-petalled lotus. It connects us to universal consciousness and makes us feel we are all one.

Symptoms of a block: Constantly anxious, fearful about survival, packing a sense of security ungrounded, feeling that you don’t belong anywhere, lacking imagination. Physical symptoms include pain or medical issues with bones, feet, legs, colon, elimination, and weight.

Crown chakra (Pixabay)
Crown chakra (Pixabay)

2. Third-Eye Chakra

This is associated with inner wisdom, intuition, understanding, and imagination.

Symptoms of a block: Lack of emotional warmth and affection, cold or cut off from emotions, low energy, low sexual drive, inability to feel joy, or hypersensitive to emotions, overly sexual, constant guilt. Physical symptoms include reproductive issues and urinary infections.

The third-eye chakra (Pixabay)
The third-eye chakra (Pixabay)

3. Throat Chakra

This is related with our ability to communicate with authenticity and be present while listening to others.

Symptoms of a block: Poor self-esteem, inability to meet goals or manifest desires, shame, self-doubt, and/or misuse of power, money, resources. Physical problems include issues with digestion, hypertension, fatigue, adrenals, diabetes, and allergies.

The throat chakra (Pixabay)
The throat chakra (Pixabay)

4. Heart Chakra

It is associated with our feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, connection, and intuitive understanding. This chakra is especially important because it is the connecting center between the upper and lower chakras.

Symptoms of a block: A sense of void or loneliness, feeling alienated, cannot feel a part of the group, lack of emotional fulfillment, struggling to receive and give love, lack of empathy, abusive or wounding relationships unhealed emotional pain. Physical symptoms include problems with heart or lungs and asthma.

The heart chakra represents our ability to feel a sense of belonging (Pixabay)
The heart chakra represents our ability to feel a sense of belonging (Pixabay)

5. Solar-Plexus Chakra

This is the center of inspiration, personal power, motivation, determination, and capacity to manifest what we want. It controls digestion and regulates the body’s ability to transform nutrients into energy for the body. When you work on practicing self-discipline and balancing it with self-compassion, this center gets recharged.

Symptoms of a block: Difficulty in self-expression, lacking courage and strength to own and express one’s truth, writer’s block or lacking inspiration for creativity, or struggles with manipulation or deception of others. Physical symptoms include pain or tension in the neck and shoulders and thyroid concerns.

6. Sacral Chakra

This is the center of sexuality, desire, creativity, joy, playfulness, and abundance.

Symptoms of a block: Difficulty concentrating, lack of imagination/vision, lack of concentration, confusion, delusions, nightmares, can’t see the bigger picture. Physical symptoms include problems with vision and frequent headaches.

The sacral chakra relates to playfulness and joy (Pixabay)
The sacral chakra relates to playfulness and joy (Pixabay)

7. Root Chakra

This is the center related to our basic survival needs (food, water, shelter, air, etc.) and our physical reality that relates to nature.

Symptoms of a block: Feeling unrooted or spacy, indecisive, impractical, can’t complete things that were started, depression, meaninglessness, etc. Medical symptoms include problems with the brain, cognition, and mental illnesses.

The root chakra relates to our survival (Pixabay)

source: thedailynet.com 

Pick a mandala and we’ll reveal your most important personality trait

Your choice is based on the most important aspect of your personality. Your choice, therefore, reveals the same.

#1 Tenderness

Tenderness is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Tenderness is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this was the mandala of your choice then you are the kind of person who is warm, gentle, and tender of heart. You are someone who possesses only love and care in their souls and you are the kind of person who is not only welcoming but also genuinely happy to help.

Your choice reveals that you find pleasure in being of service to those who need your help. You find happiness in the happiness of others and you are the kind of person who is so tender, by nature, that you can feel the hurt of others like it were hurting you. You are a gem of a person with a rare quality indeed.

#2 Wisdom

Wisdom is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Wisdom is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who lives in pursuit of wisdom and whose every act is directed towards gaining a better understanding of life itself. You are the kind of person who learns, understands, and then puts into practice what life teaches you.

Your choice reveals that you are the kind of person who is practical, cal, and composed by nature. You have a personality which helps you maintain your composure even at the most difficult times. And you are the person who would never judge someone but understand them. You, therefore, are a wise soul and a kind being.

#3 Gladness

Gladness is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Gladness is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who is optimistic, passionate, and grateful for who they are and what they have in their lives. You are someone who is content and do not look for a lot in life. Quality rather than quantity is what defines your approach to life.

Your choice reveals that you have a satisfied personality and you are grateful for it. Be it your family, job, friends, or something else, you are not the one to whine and complain but someone who accepts everything wholeheartedly. You, therefore, are one of the most accepting people and someone with an immensely rare quality.

#4 Compassion

Compassion is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Compassion is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who is empathetic, considerate and compassionate by nature. You are the kind of person who can put themselves in other people’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Your choice, therefore, reveals that you are someone who truly understands what others are going through. You have a heart which bleeds for those in pain and you have a soul which would rather suffer itself than put others through pain. A genuinely compassionate person is a rare breed and you are one of them.

#5 Spontaneity

Spontaneity is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Spontaneity is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who is smart, witty, and extremely spontaneous. You are the kind of person who is good with sarcasm and you have the wits to dish out the zingers and be the funniest person in any room.

Your choice reveals that you are the kind of person who lives in the moment. You take each moment as it comes and you try to make the most of it. You are someone who is fun, present to the moment, and ready to act at a moment’s notice. You are the kind of person who is a blessing to have in anyone’s life.

#6 Freedom

Freedom is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Freedom is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who is wild, free, and raw. You have a straightforward personality and a courageous heart which speaks what’s on its mind. You are not the one to live in fear or under the duress of favor but you choose the life which you wish to lead.

Your choice reveals that you are the kind of person who would always strive for freedom of mind, spirit, and body. You would always rebel against the wrong and proudly stand for what’s right. It is in your nature to fight for truth and the most important quality which you possess in your soul.

#7 Inspiration

Inspiration is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Inspiration is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who is artistic, creative, and lives either to inspire or to seek inspiration. You are the kind of person who would forever seek to create something beautiful and novel and it will be an inspiration for others to follow.

Your choice reveals that you are someone who is driven by the abstract thoughts and seeks to attain perfection in the intellectual pursuits. You could, if you put your mind to it, create beauty and your work would be remembered as if it were an inspiration.

#8 Pleasure

Pleasure is your personality defining trait (iStock)
Pleasure is your personality defining trait (iStock)

If this mandala is your choice then you are the kind of person who is born for pleasure and understands the value of the finer things in life. This does not mean that you are a snob or someone arrogant but that you have a taste which is refined and sophisticated.

Your choice reveals that you are the kind of person who would look for perfection and you would be highly detail-oriented. You know how to appreciate beauty in all its form and are meant for a life which is rich in aesthetic beauty. You are, therefore, a connoisseur of life.

source: thedailynet.com 

7 unique facts about people who are deep thinkers

We may think that all of our thoughts are deep and meaningful but, more often than not, they usually aren’t. Deep thinkers, on the other hand, think and act differently.

What is the difference between a good idea and a great idea? It is the depth of your thought. It is the amount of time you have spent thinking over it and the different perspectives which you have brought into play. Shallow thoughts have never brought about a change.

Deep thinkers see the world differently (Pexels)
Deep thinkers see the world differently (Pexels)

So, what is it about some people that they are capable of deep thoughts while others aren’t? What are the qualities which makes them different from everyone else? What are those unique personality traits which makes them so distinct? Well, read on.

They have a different take on life (Pexels)
They have a different take on life (Pexels)

#1 They are introverts

They are usually introverts (Pexels)
They are usually introverts (Pexels)

Deep thinkers are usually introverts by nature. They like being alone and spending time alone so as to have more peace. They like thinking over their ideas and they cannot do this surrounded by people.

They like being alone (Pexels)
They like being alone (Pexels)

Introverts, therefore, are naturally inclined to be deep thinkers. Their shy nature and their tendency to remain aloof from others give them the perfect environment to think long and deep about any topic they wish to.

#2 They are contemplative

They tend to think long (Pexels)
They tend to think long (Pexels)

The very first necessity of a deep thought is the willingness to spend time on it. A person who is contemplative by nature is instinctively inclined towards analyzing everything they come across and they are best suited for deep thoughts.

Their thoughts are inclusive (Pexels)
Their thoughts are inclusive (Pexels)

The contemplative nature means that they ponder over things, they spend time wondering about the various cause and effect, they like analyzing the consequences of every thought and deed. This ensures that what they think is indeed well thought of.

#3 They take multiple perspectives into account

They think along different dimensions (Pexels)
They think along different dimensions (Pexels)

Deep thinkers take multiple perspectives into account before they come to any conclusion. They keep the pros and the cons of each situation into play while dealing with a topic.

Their range of thoughts is immense (Pexels)
Their range of thoughts is immense (Pexels)

This tendency to take multiple perspectives into account gives them a unique advantage over others. Shallow thinkers just skim over a topic while deep thinkers tend to take everything into consideration.

#4 They are empathetic

They are highly empathetic (Pexels)
They are highly empathetic (Pexels)

Deep thinkers would inevitably show signs of high empathy. An acute observation of deep thinkers would reveal that they understand things by keeping themselves in other people’s shoes and they understand their perspectives as well.

They are also emotionally intelligent (Pexels)
They are also emotionally intelligent (Pexels)

Their empathy helps them delve deeper into an issue and it also means that they peel different layers of personality before they come to a conclusion. Their empathy helps them think deep.

#5 They forgive easily

They don't hold grudges (Pexels)
They don’t hold grudges (Pexels)

Deep thinkers are the kind of people who do not like getting stuck with the trivial things in life. they would rather not keep things to their heart as they have better things to do than brood over grudges.

They'd rather laugh and move on (Pexels)
They’d rather laugh and move on (Pexels)

Deep thinkers, therefore, tend to forgive others easily and they prefer moving on as soon as possible. They forgive easily but they do not forget as they know better than to trust someone who has hurt them once.

#6 They are curious

They are extremely curious (Pexels)
They are extremely curious (Pexels)

Deep thinkers are the kind of people who like questioning everything. They are not satisfied simply by accepting things at face value. They always like to know more and ask more.

They question everything (Pexels)
They question everything (Pexels)

The fact that they ask questions helps them dig deeper into a topic. It makes them knowledgeable while giving them the advantage of exploring multiple dimensions. Their curiosity makes them so different.

#7 They keep an open mind

They are broad-minded (Pexels)
They are broad-minded (Pexels)

Deep thinkers would not be able to pursue great thoughts if they had a closed mind. They would not have been able to come up with great ideas if they had narrow thoughts.

They accept new ideas (Pexels)
They accept new ideas (Pexels)

An open mind means that the person is willing to accept new ideas, change previous notions, and act according to the new information which may come across. Deeper thoughts, therefore, come to a mind which is willing to accept them.

source: thedailynet.com 

This Simple Quiz Reveals What Type Of Cultural Intelligence You Have

First there was IQ, then EQ, but now experts are asserting there is yet a third type of intelligence: CQ. It stands for cultural intelligence. It’s an intelligence that deciphers one’s ability to interact with and understand people from other cultures. And it’s becoming more and more crucial and desired quality, especially in the world of business. But there are varying aspects that make up one’s CQ.

The quiz below will reveal what kind of cultural intelligence you have.

What kind of cultural intelligence to you have, and what does it say about your personality? If you’re not particularly comfortable around new people, then your cultural intelligence might be lower than those who are more comfortable around new folks.

There are, however, other factors that go into one’s cultural intelligence. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and each of us accordingly have areas in which we shine.  Those who know how to employ strategy  are often better prepared for new situations, including meeting new people and handling new cultures.  They’ve done their homework.  They know, mostly, what to expect. For these people, culture shock might not be quite as powerful as it is for those who just jump into a new situation.

But, there could be other emotions at play, making a new culture just as scary once one experiences it in person!   Life is always chock full of surprises!  And the type of CQ you have just might surprise you!

Take the quiz now to find out what kind of cultural intelligence you have!


What Is Your Biggest Fear According To This Ink-Blot Test?

Fear is an emotion that every single one of us has experienced at many points in our lives. It’s a natural reaction to feel afraid and no matter what you call it; dread, horror, alarm, terror, panic, distress, fright, or threatened, it’ll always have a negative connotation. However, not all fears are bad and it’s actually quite healthy to feel afraid every now and then.

For most people, things like creepy crawlies or heights freak them out. According to various surveys on the topic the most common fears and phobias have to do with snakes, spiders, cockroaches, public speaking, needles, tight spaces, flying, dogs, water, germs, and death. While people can be afraid of virtually anything and everything, they can only fear on thing the absolute most.

What are you the most afraid of in this world? Put another way, what’s the one singular thing, thought, or idea that is truly capable of filling your mind, body, and soul with dread? No one likes to admit it, yet we all have to face what it is that we fear the most. While it’s natural to instinctively repress and avoid the unpleasant thoughts, we eventually need to deal with it and what better way to do just that than with some basic psychology!

This quiz uses ink-blot images to draw out and assess your deepest, darkest subconscious fears and thoughts. What you end up seeing in each picture ultimately depends on your perception of the world. In turn, part of what molds and shapes your interpretation of all the things that you see and come across in life is your unconscious mind. It’s usually inaccessible, which is why psychologists have developed tests like the one featured here to draw out and uncover the ideas and information it holds deeply hidden.

Projective tests, which include ink-blot tests, are psychological tools that use images, words, or situations to analyze how people respond to them. An individual is assessed in terms of the unconscious personality traits they exhibit towards the stimulus, in this case the image, and from their response hidden emotions are brought to light. In other words, how you view the ink-blots here will reveal what you fear the most.

With that in mind, are you ready to face your biggest fear? Take this projective ink-blot quiz now and see whether or not you agree with the end results. Enjoy!


What Flower Matches Your Personality? This Quiz Will Reveal The Answer!

Many cultures worldwide cherish flowers and their varied meanings, although a fresh bouquet is not everyone’s cup of tea. But whether you love flowers or hate them, you still might know the many meanings each blossom has to offer. For example, many associate roses with love romance, although each color can signify even more specific meanings. And the aster symbolizes patience, as well as elegance and daintiness.

But if you were a flower, which one would you be?

The question brings to mind the scene in Alice in Wonderland where the garden flowers ask Alice what sort of flower she is. Alice, of course, insists she isn’t a flower at all, but a girl. The garden’s response is anything but pleasant! But, don’t worry. If you’re no sort of flower at all, we certainly won’t accuse you of being a weed!

The quiz below, however, will tell you what sort of blossom you most strongly embody.

Perhaps you’re like the tulip, destined for fame. Or maybe you’d rather have a life outside of the spotlight, like the bashful peony. If others know you for your strength of character and honor, then you are perhaps most comparable to the gladiolus.



Just like people or any other species on Earth, there are a wealth of blossom varieties in the world. Some have pleasant scents, others have no scent at all. And, of course, some don’t smell good at all! Some are gorgeous and rare, others are wild and free.

What kind of flower are you? Take this quiz now to reveal the answer!




Pick A Dream Catcher To Reveal An Interesting Part Of Your Personality!

For centuries, Native Americans have been using dream catchers as a means of preventing nightmares and ensuring only good dreams befall the user.

Dream catchers come in all shapes, sizes and designs, each of which says something about the owner. Today, let’s harness the power of dream catchers and see what your favorite of the ones below has to say about your personality!

Dream catcher #1

If you chose this dream catcher, you are a trustworthy and genuine friend. You find it very easy to trust people blindly once you’ve gotten to know them well. In return, you expect others to trust you unconditionally as well.

Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you, especially when something disrupts your routine.

Dream catcher #2

A preference for this dream catcher signifies innocence and purity. You strongly dislike harboring hate in your life and much prefer focusing on things and people you love.

When things go wrong, you tend to isolate yourself due to your affinity for harmony and perfection.

Dream catcher #3

You are an optimistic extrovert. You find it very easy to accept people without judging them too deeply. At the same time, you fear judgement from others and spend way too much time planning your decisions with this in mind.

Dream catcher #4

You are very supportive, sensitive and compassionate and always put others first. As a result of your sensitivity, however, others’ words and actions tend to hurt you more than they probably should.

Dream catcher #5

Lastly, if you chose dream catcher #5, you are independent, stubborn and detached. Once you’ve made up your mind about something, no amount of cajoling from loved ones can change your mind.

On the good side, this helps you float above negativity and naysayers. On the negative side, you tend to intimidate others and brush off good advice that comes your way.

If You’re Good At Puzzles, You’ll Probably Ace This Quiz

Are you a master of quizzes and puzzles? Are you the go-to person in your group of friends when they need a quick solution to a tricky question or puzzle? If you’re that person, you should totally take this quiz, and if you’re as good as you say (or think) you are, you should ace it without a problem.

Even if you’re not that much of a quiz person or if you get seriously confused by puzzles, check this quiz out anyway. It’s fun and will give you at least a few minutes of entertainment if you’re bored and looking for something quick to do.

Check out the quiz below!

1. This first question is a little confusing. Try and solve this tricky question: the day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?


If your head is still spinning, don’t worry…so was mine for a while there. The answer to the question is…Monday!


2. Can you figure out what shape goes in the empty square? Don’t give up!


If you haven’t been able to figure it out by now, give yourself a few more seconds. If you think you know what the answer to this puzzle is, take a look at the picture below!


3. Alright, if you like math this question might be the perfect one for you! How many triangles are in this image? Look closely, and make sure you double and triple check your answers. You don’t want to be wrong on this one!


There are 27 triangles in this photo: 16 one-cell triangles, 7 four-cell triangles, 3 nine-cell triangles, and 1 sixteen-cell triangle. Did you get it wrong? I sure did.


4. For this next question, try to figure out which one is the odd one out.


Give yourself ten seconds. Are you dizzy yet? If you can’t figure it out, here’s the answer.


5. Oh no, look at what happened to your mom’s post prized vase! This is not good…at all. Can you find the broken piece? Give yourself 20 seconds.


If you haven’t found it yet, you might want to just give up. We don’t have any time to waste. Check out the answer below.


6. Let’s do another “find the odd one out” puzzle. Take a look at this image and try to figure out which one is the odd one out. You have twenty seconds. Ready, set, go!


Okay, time’s up. Did you get it? If you didn’t, here’s the answer. Who knew emojis could make such a challenging question?


7. This one is a little bit trickier, so put your brain to work and try to figure out what this car’s parking spot number is.


The answer to this tricky question is 87. Hint: look at the numbers upside down and it will all make sense.


8. Alright, folks, don’t give up just yet, here’s our final question! Take a look at this image of squares on squares on squares. How many total squares are in this picture?


I got this one wrong, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. There is a total of 40 squares in the image. How many did you guess?


source: www.providr.com 

This Quiz Will Reveal The True Color Of Your Personality!

There are People who have been studying the connection between color and the mind for many years.

Colour can affect everything from our mood and our feelings, to what we think of others around us.

The most interesting part is, Colour can also describe our true self at a basic level.

Experts have said that all personality types can be linked to one of a few key colors.

Would you like to know what your color personality type is?

Dear friends, Answer a few simple questions in the fun quiz below and the algorithm will help you not only identify your personality type but match it to its corresponding color as well.

These 7 Images Will Reveal Surprising Details About You

 I love optical illusions, who doesn’t? Below, you’ll find seven optical illusions in which a number of things can be seen if you look closely enough. However, your brain will only allow you to see one of them at a glance. Based on your answers, you’ll be able to discover surprising details about how your brain works and about your personality, too.

Image 1

optical illusions

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you see a car, it means that freedom is something that is very important to you. Being able to travel freely on the roads, see new places and experience new things is precious to your heart, and you usually live at your own pace and do what comes naturally to you.

If you see a person with binoculars, it signifies that you are an analytical person. You tend to look at the big picture and avoid pausing on the small details, and it is easier for you to learn with your eyes rather than with your ears.

If you see the letter A, you have a unique character that many people do not have and eyes that see things that others ignore. You have a particularly developed intuition, and it helps you make decisions that are right for you.

Image 2

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you see a crocodile, it is a sign that you are a person who tends to look at the big picture, and if there are details that don’t seem important to you, you tend to ignore them. You’re probably a very practical person who prefers not to take risks.

If you see a boat, it is a sign that you tend to pay attention to the small details. You are a person of unique character, and some would say you’re even a bit weird, but it’s only because they don’t understand you.

Image 3

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you see an old man, it is a sign that you are a gentle, sensitive person who can tune in to other people’s feelings. You probably use the right side of the brain more than the left, which means that you’re a very creative person.

If you see a woman, it is a sign that you are a very considerate person who also tends to dwell on deep thoughts. You probably depend more on the left side of the brain, which means that your thinking relies mostly on logic.

Image 4

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you see pillars, it is a sign that you are currently looking for comfort and security in your life. However, as long as you don’t get out of your comfort zone you won’t be able to achieve great things in life, so you should try new things. It also shows that you are a person who tends to focus more on dreams than on actions, so it is recommended that you do more to achieve them.

If you see people, it is a sign that you are a free person who lives their life by spur of the moment feelings. Your life is really exciting, and in fact is full of interesting people and experiences. You are a sensitive and courteous person, but be careful not to miss your chance to settle down when the time comes.

Image 5

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you see a human face, it is a sign that you think about other people most of the time. You’re probably an extroverted person who likes to be around people, and it’s very easy for you to influence their energy and elevate their mood. It also means that it’s important for you to surround yourself with people who bring positive vibes with them.

If you see a candlestick or a jug, it is a sign that you tend to be an introverted person, and do not think much about people as you’re usually caught up in abstract ideas. You tend to enjoy spending more time at home than outdoors, and you love to feel independent.

Image 6

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you see a woman, it’s a sign a lot of the time you feel the need to defend yourself. It is possible that at this moment you feel drained of energy, and this woman may also represent a sense of deep regret. If you have just experienced a difficult period in your life, it may be the reason why you immediately saw the woman.

If you see a skull, it’s a sign that you have difficulties making decisions without seeing the road in front of you. Obstacles are great challenges for you, but remember that once you pass them you will be stronger than you were before.

Image 7

Look at the image above – what do you see?

If you are a woman and you see a man’s face, it means that you are interested in finding a partner as soon as possible. If you are already in a relationship, it can be a sign that your relationship is deep, and that your partner is in your thoughts most of the time.

If you are a man and you see a man’s face, it is a sign that your personal relationship with people in your life worries you, whether it is a working relationship, or between friends or family.

If you are a woman and you see a woman’s face, it is a sign that you are comfortable with your body and have a very positive attitude towards life.

If you’re a man and you see a woman’s face, it’s a sign that you’re looking for a partner to share your life with. You may be looking too hard – you should just let things happen and love will come.

source: www.higherperspectives.com