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Mom Buys Homeless Man Breakfast, Then He Slips Her A Note With A Shocking Confession

A lot of doom and gloom stories are making headlines around the world lately and it’s easy for us to conclude that the world is going to hell. However, I think there are a lot more inspiring stories in the world today, but sometimes you just need to look around!

Let’s look at one case for example.

A mother named Casey recently went to grab breakfast at a Dunkin’ Donuts when she noticed a homeless man begging for food and money. Casey could have been like all the other people there and ignored him, but what she did instead was literally life changing.

Casey shared her story on Facebook, and it’s gone viral with more than 120,000 shares… For good reason, too!

“Today I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and saw a clearly homeless guy sitting on the side of the road and picking up change. Eventually I saw him stroll into Dunkin, as he was counting his change to buy something I began to get super annoying and talked to him over and over again even when he didn’t really want to talk.”

“Since he had maybe $1 in change I bought him a coffee and bagel and asked him to sit down with me. He told me a lot about how people are usually very mean to him because he’s homeless, how drugs turned him into the person he hated, he lost his mom to cancer, he never knew his dad and he just wants to be someone his mom would be proud of (along with another hours worth of conversation.)”

“This lovely mans name was Chris and Chris was one of the most honest & sincere people I’ve ever met.

After realizing I really need to get back to class Chris asked me to wait so he can write something down for me. Handing me a crumpled up receipt he apologized for having shaky hand writing, smiled, and left.”


“I opened his note and this was it.

‘I wanted to kill myself today, because of u I now do not. Thank u, beautiful person.’”

You don’t need a million dollars to help people in need. Sometimes it’s just the smallest gesture of love that can make the biggest difference. Hats off to Casey for shining her light into Chris’s life.

source:   www.healthyandnaturalhouse.com

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9 Differences Between True Love & Emotional Dependency

It might be hard to realize sometimes, but there’s a difference between being in love and being emotionally dependent on someone. Many people refer to their partner as their other half. That sounds romantic, but knowing how to function on your own is important. Before you can be in a serious relationship that lasts, you need to be confident with who you are and what you want out of life. A relationship that is based on codependency instead of love won’t last.

Here are 9 important differences between love and emotional dependency:

1. Do You Focus On Giving Or Getting?

True love is about giving, not getting. It’s about bringing joy to the person you love. If you are more concerned with what you are getting out of a relationship than what you’re giving, it’s a sign that your relationship is based on emotional dependency rather than love.

2. Do You Hold Your Partner Responsible For Your Well Being?

Have you placed responsibility for your health, happiness and safety upon your partner’s shoulders instead of your own? This is a true sign of dependence. If you don’t know how to live or make yourself happy without this person, you are emotionally dependent on them.

3. Are You Stuck In A Fantasy Land?

Have you made up the perfect Prince Charming in your head? If the role you have created of the perfect partner is simply a role, then you aren’t in a relationship with an actual person. You are in a relationship with a fantasy version of that person. This isn’t love.

4. Are You Just Looking Or Are You Seeing?

Are you just putting up with your partner? Or do you accept who they are, flaws and all? Be honest about what you see when you look at your partner. Do you see an idealized image of who you want them to be? Or do you see their true self, and love them for who they are?

5. Do You Have A List Of Expectations For Your Partner?

Do you have a mental or physical list of expectations that you partner must meet in order for you to feel satisfied with the relationship? It’s good to have standards, but keeping an unrealistic expectations list for your partner in order for you to feel loved, safe or satisfied is a sign of emotional dependence.

6. Are You Focusing On The Inside Or The Outside?

Attraction is important in a relationship. But basing a relationship off of what you see on the outside isn’t a solid foundation. Love is considering how your partner makes you feel, instead of what he or she looks like. If it’s appearance that matter to you the most, you may be focused more on dependency than love.

7. Do You Feel Empty Or Anxious Without Your Partner Around?

If you feel empty, overly anxious or fearful when your partner isn’t around, chances are you’re overly dependent on them. It’s OK to miss your partner when the two of you are apart. But alone time is important for your own mental and emotional health. Not knowing how to be alone is a sign that you are emotionally dependent on your partner.

8. Do You Realize The Difference Between Want And Need?

We all want certain things out of a relationship, but is your “need” list over the top? If you don’t have inner happiness or peace, you may be looking for someone else to fill requirements in order to make you happy.

9. Have You Found Yourself?

You have to practice self-love and self-acceptance before you can be in a lasting relationship. Who are you? What are your passions, dreams and goals? What’s important to you? If you aren’t able to answer these questions, you may be using your partner to fill a void in your life that only you can fill.

Sources:  www.davidwolfe.com

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How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water? Here We Tell You About It

There are many techniques that can help you detect negative energies in your home. Today we’re going to show you the simplest one which will clean negative energies from your home and maintain the harmony in your family.

We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space of unity where many energies meet – our feelings, thoughts and emotions emit a certain type of energy, but also attract other energies.

Family members, neighbors or visitors in our homes can bring in negative energies which may affect our well-being.

Once they enter our home, negative energies impact our whole life. They can cause our budget to fluctuate, break the relationships between family members and disrupt the harmony in our home.

As a result, you will feel anxious, restless and broken, with no will to live. However, the symptoms may not be noticeable early, which is why it’s important to know how to detect the negative energy in your home.

Before starting, it’s important to know the reason for the disharmony – sometimes, even negative energies are not the culprit. However, if you can’t find the underlying problem, try this trick to detect bad vibes:

Get a clear glass and pour sea salt in it – it should cover about a third of the glass. Top the glass off with water, then put it in the room where you think the bad vibes are most powerful.

Put the glass in a hidden spot and leave it for a full day. Make sure no one moves it from the spot. After 24 hours, examine the glass – if it’s just like you left it, there are no negative energies in that room.

You can try the trick in another room and see what happens. If the glass has smudges and is clearly not like you left it, it is a result of energy problems. In this case, repeat the procedure again with a new glass, and repeat until it’s as clean as you left it.

Watch the video below for more information:

source:  healthyadvicepro.com

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Although no one wants to admit it, humans usually age between 45-50, the diet we consume at that part of our life is not suitable for the age. At 45, we usually eat a diet that corresponds with being 20 or 30 which is a big burden for our organism. Professor Dosenko claims that overeating is a big health concern and considers it responsible for Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

When we overeat, we impair our body’s ability to destroy and process nutrients and fiber.

The famous Ukrainian doctor Victor Dosenko suggests eating just enough to feel a bit hungry, and he also suggests fasting at least one or two days a week. This will result in a complete cleanup of the body and will improve the function of our organs.

The new medical and technological breakthroughs as well as following Dr. Dosenko’s advices will allow us to live longer. The professor himself expects that humanity will live up to 120 years in the future if they submit to a healthy diet and regular prophylaxis exams.

Source: http://www.healthylifevision.com/

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(NaturalNews) It turns out that having a little “junk in the trunk” is a good thing, health wise. Not only does having a larger derriere boost overall health, but it’s tied to increased intelligence and lower risk of chronic disease, according to researchers at the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in the United Kingdom.

Fat distribution is important, say researchers, and if you’re going to have some, it’s best to have it below the waist, as it helps to serve as a barrier against heart disease, diabetes and other conditions linked to obesity.

“It is the protective role of lower body, that is [thigh and backside] fat, that is striking. The protective properties of the lower-body fat depot have been confirmed in many studies conducted in subjects with a wide range of age, BMI and co-morbidities,” scientists wrote in the Journal of Obesity.

Apple-shaped vs. pear-shaped

Comparing your body shape to that of a fruit can help you identify whether or not you’re on the right track. If you’re pear-shaped, you’re probably in a good place, researchers say. If you’re apple-shaped, you may want to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Individuals with belly fat have more obesity-related problems than those who carry extra weight on their hips, thighs and butt.

“There’s a lot of evidence that shows that the fat depots are not the same in the body,” said Dr. Robert Kushner, a professor of medicine specializing in obesity at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Belly fat “is more metabolically active,” explains Kushner, meaning it has a greater effect on the brain and overall body, compared to fat stored in the lower half, which tends to be more stable and invokes fewer cytokines or proteins associated with insulin resistance and the onset of diabetes.

“There’s a whole range of these hormonal markers that seem to be more preferentially released from the belly,” he adds.

Regulating weight gain in the brain

Another factor tied to fat distribution in women is leptin. Leptin levels, crucial for regulating appetite, are correlated with a bigger derriere, too. In individuals who are obese, their brain stops responding to the hormone entirely, causing the person to develop leptin resistance, which is similar to insulin resistance, reports Elite Daily.

“Having a big butt also favors leptin levels in the female body, which is a hormone responsible for regulating the weight, and the dinopectina, a hormone with anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective and anti-diabetic attributes. The adipose tissue of the buttocks traps harmful fatty particles and prevents cardiovascular disease.”

Big butt equals big brains

Maintaining a larger behind requires significant amounts of Omega 3 fats, which are proven to boost brain function, memory and cognitive abilities. Research also shows that children born to women with wide hips are more intelligent compared to those conceived by thinner and less curvy mothers.

Sources:  happyhealthychoice.com

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Is Someone is Trying to Manipulate You? Here are 5 Signs so you can figure it out

A few people are dependably vigilant for others that they can use to propel their plan, whatever that might be, through whatever methods conceivable. This is manipulative conduct more or less. Individuals that endeavor to control regularly do as such by playing on other individuals’ feelings. They for the most part don’t put stock in the sensible capacities of others and try to “draw the fleece over” their eyes. Genuinely a tragic state, however this kind of conduct exists.

For the most part, individuals that show manipulative conduct show these and other “warnings” that can possibly uncover their capacity to control:

Here are 5 Signs so you can figure out if SOMEONE IS TRYING TO MANIPULATE YOU:


Have they been gotten in a lie with you or another person? Do they have a for the most part negative disposition? Have they spread gossipy tidbits or slandered about somebody? Do they show transcendently individualistic sorts of practices?

These people additionally have a boastful streak, believing that they are more astute and more sly than any other individual.

Know about manipulative conduct by staying careful in your dealings with others. Stay positive and certain while sending inspiration and consolation to these sorts of people. This could be the distinction in changing their point of view alongside their conduct.


Manipulators attempt to get you snared quick through cajole and a misguided feeling of intrigue. That is the way they construct trust and frame a bond. It empowers them to utilize us candidly once the genuine intention of the relationship turns out to be clear.

Among the less complex approaches to locate a shrouded manipulator is to search for straightforward signs that show some individual just seems stressed if something or somebody will influence their craved result. Controllers battle with keeping up the “right kind” of affiliations on the grounds that craved results are everything to them, and they think about the way other individuals think so as to have control.

Observe your companions’ emotions when you suggest something. Covert manipulators could brutally respond when they don’t concur with you or when scrutinized.


Inwardly, profoundly, physically; enchantment is a manipulators device. A manipulator likes to play on increased feelings to connect with you in practices that advantage them. They assemble individuals that will serve their should be in control, regardless of whether this is through a sentimental relationship, a dear kinship or a vital organization. They make being with them fun and energizing at in the first place, and afterward they move the concentration of the relationship onto them and their needs.


Impatience can be characterized as (1) crabby conduct that outcomes from deferrals or (2) an eager requirement for change and energy. The show of eager conduct is frequently tied into somebody’s objectives; particularly, anything that ruins or irritates the individual in dynamic quest for these objectives. These objectives could extend from advancing beyond you at the drive-through to getting that advancement at work.

Similarly as with resolution, we as a whole tend to be restless now and again. In any case, there are a few people that take restlessness to the extraordinary. These people hate being held up at whatever time, anyplace, for any reason, and will control any circumstance keeping in mind the end goal to prove to be the best.

Anxiety is an attribute that creates from early negative encounters, misjudging the way of self as well as other people, and a steady feeling of uncertainty. The early negative encounters regularly occur amid youth. As a rule, the youngster was frequently banned from having an ordinary social ordeal bringing about a feeling of “passing up a major opportunity”.

When managing an anxious individual, it is vital to see how they “tick.” For instance, these people want to be in control. When they are not in firm control, they get to be distinctly irate, irritated and baffled. The most ideal approach to manage the conduct is to be pleasant however immediate. Try not to steer clear of the real issue with anxious individuals; this will accomplish nothing for you.


While this may appear a little over the edge, enthusiastic manipulators have a propensity for making you resemble the awful person, and contorting their words to fit any plan. You may really begin to accept now and again that you have accomplished something incorrectly, when as a general rule, you have succumbed to their awful plan.

To ensure you can really demonstrate to them what they said in earlier discussions, scribble down any points of interest you think they may advantageously change later with a specific end goal to legitimize their conduct. They may likewise attempt to persuade you they never said a specific thing, however you can really demonstrate they did with your notes you take.

Get brilliant about shielding yourself from their rage, and they may soon get debilitated from utilizing you as their enthusiastic toy.



Is Someone is Trying to Manipulate You? Here are 5 Signs so you can figure it


We all know that lemons are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. But, did you know that the peel and the skin are the healthiest parts of lemons? Therefore, throwing away lemon peels is not such a good idea.

Namely, if you eat lemons together with their peel, you will get 5 to 10 times more vitamins than eating only the lemon flesh. Lemons abound in vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin A, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, calcium, folate, potassium, magnesium, and protein. All of these nutrients make lemons extremely beneficial for health.

  • Furthermore, in order to reap all of the health benefits of lemons you should consume them with their peel and the best way to do so is to freeze them. But, before putting it into the freezer, you first need to clean the lemon and dry it completely. Wait until it is completely frozen and then take it out from the freezer.

When you take out the lemon out of the freezer, cut off one of the ends of the frozen lemon in order for it to be flat. Grind it with the flat side against the grates, just like you do with a piece of cheese. That way you will be free from the danger to slipping it while you are shredding it up.

  • Then, use it on whatever you are eating. Lemon peels will give a stronger taste to your dishes. Add some grated lemon peels to your salads, soups, yogurt, pasta sauces or homemade ice cream.

Add a tablespoon of your grated lemons to your smoothie, juice or tea. They go well in baked goods as well. Trust your imagination, there are millions of ways to use grated lemons.


source: naturalremediesforlonglife.com

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This 2 Ingredient Remedy Flushes POUNDS of Waste From Your Colon

With only two ingredients from your kitchen you may purify your digestive system and help your body filter out the bad as waste in your colon. Besides, you will lose some pounds and your body will be able to retain the good bacterial balance of your digestive system.

Just two ingredients can do this for you: apple cider vinegar and honey. Make sure you use raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar which provides many health benefits for your colon health, but also for the rest of your body. You may recognize the quality of the apple cider vinegar by looking for the variety that still has the murky stuff floating at the bottom of the bottle. This is the raw vinegar that has not been filtered out of the processed and pasteurized types of apple cider vinegar. These unfiltered particles will give you the most benefits to cleanse your colon fast, because it contains the bacteria acetobacter, that breaks down food in our gut. Apple cider vinegar may also help reduce irregularity of the bowels, as well as lowering blood sugar levels and reducing blood pressure.


  • a glass with 8 ounces of warm water
  • 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tbs of raw honey

Shake the bottle of apple cider vinegar to mix up the unfiltered part that settles at the bottom before measuring out the amount of vinegar to use.

Stir this mixture well until the honey dissolves.

You can drink this mixture every morning or anytime you feel like you need to cleanse your colon.

Dress Codes & What They Mean– His & Her Guide To Appropriate Attire For Each Dress Code

When you are invited to a gala night or fundraise or any other official and you have to respect the dress code you may find it difficult to deal with the situation. Do you know how to translate it into something you can put on your body? Your job can be a little bit easier if you understand what the common U.S. dress codes mean. You may find below a dress code infographic with his-and-her attire photos to guide you through and suggest what might be appropriate to wear for an occasion with the corresponding dress code.

You will discover the meaning of different dress codes in U.S. culture, from casual to business casual to smart casual to business and informal, semi-formal and formal attire.

You will find this dress code infographic very useful in your business endeavors and it will help to achieve your business goals. This Quick Guide To Dress Codes Infographic is meant to be shared, so you are welcome to do so if you want to help your friends and partners!


Shirt White Bow Tie Tux Tuxedo Formal Clothing

Two 13-Year-Old Boys Dead After Taking This Legal Synthetic Drug

The abuse of and addiction to opioids is a serious problem that is on the rise. It’s estimated that between 26.4 million and 36 million people abuse opioids worldwide, with around 2.1 million people in the U.S. suffering from substance abuse disorders related to prescription opioid pain revilers. The consequences of abusing opioids such as heroin, morphine and prescription pain relievers have been devastating, and the numbers keep climbing.

When it comes to drug abuse, there is no discrimination. People of all ages, races, religious backgrounds and socioeconomic status are falling into the darkness of drug abuse and addiction. A recent toxicology test on two 13-year-old boys gives us a look into yet another dangerous drug that people are abusing.


The drug found in the boys’ system is a synthetic drug that can be purchased online. Often called “Pink,” it’s the same drug that was discovered at the home of Prince after he died. Also known as U-47700, the drug is new to the opioid family. It took the lives of 13-year-old Ryan Ainsworth and Grant Sever of Park City, Utah.

The two boys were found dead by their parents back in September. Investigators found conversations about U-47700 on their social media accounts. It’s believed to be nearly eight times more powerful than morphine.

Where Did It Come From?

This drug is believed to be synthesized overseas in labs. All it took to bring the dangerous opioid into Park City was for a group of teenagers to get together and order the drug online. It was shipped from China and fell into the hands of a teen who has been charged with distribution of a controlled substance and reckless endangerment.

The opioid cost only $40 online.

According to the history surrounding the drug, it was originally developed by a pharmaceutical manufacturer back in the 70’s, and used as an alternative to morphine. Now, the drug is yet another source that has lead to our current opioid epidemic. So far, it is responsible for the deaths over over 50 people worldwide.

Today, children are learning how to use the internet at a very young age. Drugs are also more accessible now, than ever. It’s important to teach your children about the dangerous effects of drugs and the harrows of addiction. Teaching them how to say “no” could help save their life.

Watch the video below for more information on dangers of the new opioid:

source:  www.davidwolfe.com

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